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Trust Services can play a vital role in the financial planning of an individual. The peace of mind that a trust can provide for transfer of assets is invaluable. Trusts can prove especially helpful when transferring assets to an individual with special needs or someone who might need assistance in managing financial affairs.

The wealth management professionals at Paragon Financial Advisors LLC have extensive experience with trust services based on years of experience managing trusts and trust investments for a national bank. David Hailey is a Certified Trust Financial Advisor™ (CTFA®); he and Jene Tebeaux have combined experience greater than 35 years in providing trustee services.

While Paragon Financial Advisors does not draft trust documents, we work with the attorneys of the clients’ choosing and are quite familiar with the special requirements and obligations that trustee service requires. By collaborating with other professionals, we help ensure your trust services are optimally managed.

Let Us Help Plan And Manage Your Trust

Engaging a financial advisor can help assure your trust is created and management properly. Our extensive experience in trust planning and trust investment management makes us an ideal complement to your trust-planning attorney. From our office in College Station, Texas we serve clients throughout the Texas but are also able to help you no matter where you live.

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